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Q+A: Labour and Greens Memorandum of Understanding

Why an MOU?

It is about being clear with New Zealanders that Labour and the Green Party will be working together to change the Government. We believe the interests of our movements and ideals can best be achieved by working co-operatively while respecting we are separate parties with our own policies and principles.

Why now?

New Zealanders want to see there is a viable alternative to the current government, and that means demonstrating that we can work with other parties. There is commitment on both sides because both parties know we need to give New Zealanders confidence that we can work together and that there is an alternative. By and large it formalises a relationship that has been developing for some time.

How will you work together?

Where appropriate we’ll work together in Parliament and we’ll look at a joint policy and/or campaign if we think it will help New Zealand. We will give each other prior notice and the details of major announcements and speeches, including on matters where we may disagree.

Does that mean a joint policy platform?

No, we are separate parties with our own policies. While many of our policies are compatible, we won’t agree on every policy and there are some we will disagree on. That’s healthy and it gives voters a choice.

What happens with Cabinet/Ministerial positions?

This MOU is an agreement to work together to change the government. What happens after the election is a matter for discussion once the voters have had their say.

What about other parties?

We have good relationships with other parties and will work with any party that shares our goal of changing the government in 2017.

To read the Memorandum of Understanding itself, click here.

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