New Zealand Labour Party

Labour appoints key 2017 campaign roles

Labour has appointed two key roles to lead and implement its 2017 election campaign.

Andrew Kirton, Labour’s General Secretary, will also assume the role of Labour’s Campaign Manager while Phil Twyford MP will act as Labour’s Campaign Chairperson.

“Andrew and Phil both possess the campaign management and leadership skills necessary to run a strong campaign,” said Labour Party President Nigel Haworth.

“We’re focussed on electing a forward looking Labour government led by Andrew Little in 2017 which works to create a better future for all Kiwis, from Southland to Northland, East Coast to West. Only a Andrew Little led Labour Government can stand up for middle New Zealand and ensure everyone has a fair shot at the Kiwi Dream.

“At the same time we’ll be highlighting why New Zealand can do better than the current National Government who are increasingly focussed on only the few at the very top and are leaving middle New Zealand behind," said Labour Party President Nigel Haworth.

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