New Zealand Labour Party

Labour boosts Dole for Apprenticeships

Labour will take action to reduce the stubbornly high numbers of young people not in school or work by expanding its Dole for Apprenticeships scheme.

Unemployment is rising and our young people are some of the worst affected. National’s policies have meant 90,000 fewer people are in post-school education. There are more than 72,000 young Kiwis who don’t have a job and are not in education or training while employers are crying out for skilled workers in a range of industries.

We have to fix both our skills shortage and youth unemployment figures. We need to back our young New Zealanders by giving them the skills they and their future employers need.

Labour’s Dole for Apprenticeship scheme offers employers who are willing to train an apprentice the equivalent of the unemployment benefit. This policy is popular with young people, business and every Kiwi who wants to see young people get ahead.

Previously it was restricted to 18 – 19 year-olds and capped at 3000 places per year. The worsening unemployment situation and increasing skills shortage in key areas such as construction means we will expand this to include young people aged 18 – 24 and remove the cap.

Apprenticeships are an excellent way to give young people the skills they need to get into the workforce and give employers the local talent they need to expand their business.

Helping business give young New Zealanders on-the-job experience and qualifications will help break the cycle of long-term unemployment. This is the innovative thinking young Kiwis need.

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