New Zealand Labour Party

Labour committed to 26 weeks Paid Parental Leave

New Zealanders know they can trust Labour on Paid Parental Leave, not Bill English, who blocked an extension to 26 weeks just last year, says Labour MP Sue Moroney.

“After vetoing 26 weeks Paid Parental Leave, which the majority of Parliament voted for, Bill English has no credibility promising more weeks now.

“I’m really proud that Jacinda Ardern has pledged to pass 26 weeks Paid Parental Leave into law within the first hundred days of her government. It will be part of a Families Package that will boost incomes for families with kids and give them more options.

“English got it wrong when he vetoed my Bill. He claimed the cost was four times higher than it really was. Reversing course now is too little, too late.

"Bill English needs to apologise to all the families of babies born since April 1 this year who would have already be entitled to 22 weeks paid parental leave, if he hadn't blocked it."

“National are clearly feeling under pressure as their polls worsen, and are putting out half-baked, halfway house policies to try to halt their slide.

“Kiwis know that Labour is truly committed to Paid Parental Leave while National is just pandering during an election campaign.

“Parents and babies deserve the best start in life, and Labour will deliver it,” says Sue Moroney.