New Zealand Labour Party

Labour continues fight against Charter schools

Labour will continue to fight for a better public education system rather than the two-tiered standard of education we currently have says Labour’s Hauraki-Waikato MP Nanaia Mahuta.


“I’m pleased that my Member’s Bill has been drawn today to help level the playing field and ensure new charter schools are subject to the same accountability measures as every other school.


“My bill lifts the veil of secrecy around these private schools. The Charter Schools (Application of Official Information and Ombudsman Acts) Bill ensures that charter schools are subject to the Official Information and Ombudsman Acts – which they’re currently exempt from.


“It just doesn’t make sense that these publicly funded schools are exempt from the scrutiny and accountability measures applied to every other publicly funded school in the country.


“It’s not just about transparency of funding it’s also about transparency of school policy and decisions that impact our children’s learning opportunities.


“The Ombudsman has called the current exemption situation “unconstitutional” which calls into question how the Government has allowed publicly funded charter schools to be exempt from public accountability.


“Charter schools create a huge divide with public schools doing their best to lift educational opportunities of children who deserve the very best.


“Labour is committed to a world class public education system that offers a diversity of choice and equality of opportunity to all our children,” says Nanaia Mahuta.