New Zealand Labour Party

Labour names Review Team

Labour’s New Zealand Council has appointed Bryan Gould as Convenor of its post-General Election Review.  He will be joined on the Review Team by Hon Margaret Wilson, Stacey Morrison and Brian Corban (see further biographical details here). The Review Team will be responsible for the production of three reports – one on the 2014 General Election campaign, the second on the longer-term perspective, and the final one on the governance and operations implications for the Party.  They will be assisted and advised in producing the first report by Pete Hodgson and Gaylene Nepia, who will act as lead consultants, with similar arrangements for the other reports. The work of the whole initiative will also be supported by a team of expert advisers, including two from progressive parties overseas, and by practitioners in qualitative and quantitative analysis.

The agreed Terms of Reference (previously released) are here.

The General Election Review will be completed in time for Labour’s scheduled New Zealand Council meeting on December 7th 2014, and it is intended that the second part of the Review – on Labour’s longer term political positioning and performance – will be completed by the end of February 2015.  Submissions are open from today, and both members and non- members of the Party are welcome to apply.  Details are on the party, and emailed submissions can also be sent directly to

Bryan Gould said today,

“My colleagues and I are privileged to undertake this important task.  We see it as an opportunity for the Labour Party to take a long, hard look at itself, with a view to learning and applying lessons, providing an effective opposition, and preparing for government in 2017.  We look forward to hearing not only from those who voted Labour in 2014 but also from those who decided not to.  We want to set a course that will allow Labour to reconnect with the majority who want to see a fairer society and a more productive and sustainable economy.  If this is done, not only will the Labour Party benefit, but an alternative government ready to take up office will be good for our democracy.”