New Zealand Labour Party

Labour promises to restore democracy in Canterbury

Labour will restore democratically elected regional councillors in Canterbury by introducing a Member’s bill to Parliament this week, says Wigram MP and Labour’s spokesperson for the Environment Megan Woods. 

“Nick Smith is finally releasing the long awaited discussion document on the statutory review of Environment Canterbury this week.

 “The Minister has been dragging the chain over this issue and his excuses ring hollow. Our right to have a democratically elected council was meant to be in place for the 2013 elections. 

“The Government has stalled the timeline for a restoration of democracy once and now we have Nick Smith fudging the deadline. 

“Last year Amy Adams and Paula Bennett announced that the review of Environment Canterbury would be completed by December 2014. That deadline was missed, despite documents showing Nick Smith received a cabinet paper to approve the release of a discussion document for public consultation in October. 

“I have no faith that this Government is serious about Cantabrians’ right to vote. That’s why I’m introducing the bill. 

“Nick Smith was the Minister who took away our vote in 2010. It’s now time he stopped being slippery and restored our democracy,” says Megan Woods.