New Zealand Labour Party

Labour reforms encourage bad employers to be bullies

The Government’s changes to labour laws have created a climate that allows bad employers to bully their workers, Labour’s spokesperson for Labour Issues Iain Lees-Galloway says.

“Tauranga worker Bertie Ratu was threatened by her employer Talley’s for asking her local MP Te Ururoa Flavell on Facebook to sign a petition supporting the meat workers’ negotiations with the company.

“She was told she may not have a job any more if she didn’t take the post down. That is a direct threat from her employer for using her rights to free speech and to seek support for her union’s campaign. Nothing in the post was offensive or unfair to Talley’s

“Bertie Ratu is trying to support her family on seasonal work. Talley’s knows the power they have over their workers and have demonstrated their willingness to use it to bully them.

“National’s changes to employment law means Talley’s can walk away from its negotiations with the Meat Workers’ Union. That leaves workers like Bertie Ratu in a vulnerable position

“Every person should have the right to negotiate their work and their conditions with their employer in good faith. The Government has removed that right,” Iain Lees-Galloway says.