New Zealand Labour Party

Labour’s commitment to our Rainbow nation

The Labour Party has reaffirmed its commitment to New Zealand’s rainbow community with its 2017 Rainbow policy, featuring the goal to end HIV in New Zealand by 2025.

Grant Robertson says Labour continues a long and proud tradition of advocating for rainbow issues.

“The essential Labour position is that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and human rights. Every New Zealander must have the same basic rights, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or sex characteristics.

“Labour has reaffirmed its commitment to the rainbow community in New Zealand, and the next Labour Government will strive to empower people and ensure formal equality under the law, especially for trans* and intersex New Zealanders,” says Grant Robertson.

Louisa Wall says the rainbow policy presents a strong focus on equality under the law, support for rainbow youth, positive aging, improved access to important services and healthcare, and the goal to end HIV in New Zealand by 2025.

“We can end HIV in New Zealand by increasing access to sexual health services, testing, and early treatment; funding access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP); and supporting education, research, and community groups.

“Importantly, Labour will undertake an assessment of the need for gender reassignment surgery as an elective health service. This is a mental health and a suicide prevention initiative, especially for young trans New Zealanders.

“I’m proud of Labour’s advocacy and proud I could play a leading role in delivering marriage equality to all New Zealanders. Labour’s rainbow policy demonstrates our commitment to such a diverse, wonderful and important community in New Zealand,” says Louisa Wall.

Ian Pattison, co-chair of Rainbow Labour, says the next Labour Government has an important role to promote better equality for all New Zealanders, especially the rainbow community.

“Labour will provide better funding for the drugs needed to end HIV, Labour will modernise laws so that all New Zealanders enjoy equal opportunity and human rights, Labour will empower the rainbow community to live lives of safety and dignity,” says Ian Pattison.