New Zealand Labour Party

Labour’s culture of science and innovation

Labour will create a culture of science and innovation in New Zealand that will be the envy of the world, says Labour’s Innovation, Research and Development spokesperson Megan Woods.

“Labour believes that good science lies at the heart of a modern society and a modern economy, helping New Zealanders lead healthier lives, have better education as well as creating new businesses with high-value jobs

“When Labour invests in science, research and development, it’s not just to increase corporate balance sheets, it is to increase pay packets. We want to create a culture of science and innovation.

“We will do this through key policies including:

  • A research and development tax credit at the rate of 12.5%.
  • An increase in our public science spend to link New Zealand to the OECD average over time and as fiscal conditions permit.
  • Post-doctoral fellowships for recent PhD graduates, so they are supported into research careers in New Zealand instead of overseas.
  • Increasing bonded scholarships in areas of identified teaching shortages, including science and mathematics.
  • ‘Garage Grants’ to enable and support entrepreneurs in transforming their clever idea into something big.
  • ‘X prizes’ for New Zealand, developed & run by the Chief Science Advisor and the new role of Chief Technology Officer. 

“The role of government is to lay the foundations to establish the environment in which science, innovation and great design will flourish.

“Labour will work with schools, universities, crown research institutes and businesses to help create a genuine culture of science and innovation,” says Megan Woods.

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