New Zealand Labour Party

Labour to build starter homes and state houses in Palmerston North

Labour will build 149 homes – a mix of KiwiBuild starter homes for first homebuyers and state houses – on land that National has left vacant for years, says Leader of the Opposition Jacinda Ardern.

“Palmerston North is a growing, vibrant city that urgently needs more houses. With house prices in Palmerston North up 23 per cent in the past two years, it’s getting hard for people to buy a place of their own.

“We can tackle home affordability and homeless with a positive plan for Palmerston North.

“We’ll build a mix of half state houses and half modern starter homes, which we’ll sell to first homebuyers at cost. The homes will be built on bare land owned by Housing New Zealand on Botanical Road, Crewe Crescent, and Rugby Street.

“We expect to be able to deliver terraced three-bedroom starter homes for $275,000, and less than that for one and two bedroom homes.

“All over the country, we have a serious housing shortage. It’s time to fix the housing crisis. Labour will build affordable starter homes and state houses for families in need, while cracking down on speculators who jack up house prices.

“In Palmerston North, and all around New Zealand, we are going to build the houses our families need and give people a fair shot at owning a place of their own. Let’s do this,” says Jacinda Ardern.