New Zealand Labour Party

Labour to invest $4 billion in education

Labour’s Education Manifesto will bring positive change across the education sector and is backed by a massive investment, says Labour’s Education Spokesperson Chris Hipkins. 

“Labour’s plan will see an extra $4 billion invested over the next four years. It’s organised around five main priorities; learners at the centre, barrier free access, quality teaching, public education and future focussed education.

“These priorities will drive change across the sector, raising the quality of education for our smallest toddlers showing up for their first day of ECE to our oldest learners attending soon-to-be restored night classes. 

“We can’t ignore the under-investment we’ve seen under National for nine years nor the rapidly changing expectations our youngest learners are facing. 

“That’s why we’ll immediately take steps to establish and implement a plan to rebuild out-dated and worn out buildings that National has neglected and aim to ensure that every school has modern classrooms by 2030. 

“We can’t afford to have our kids learning in overcrowded classrooms and spaces that were never intended for classroom learning, such as caravans and dental clinics that we’ve seen under National. 

“We’ll also establish a comprehensive plan to ensure all school students have access to mobile digital devices, with a four year investment of $107 million. 

“This plan will involve working with individual communities and schools to find a solution that best suits their need and will include an expansion of successful schemes like the Manaiakalani programme. 

“Labour is committed to addressing teacher supply issues and raising the standard and attractiveness of the profession but that requires investment. That’s why we’ve set aside an initial $40 million over four years to tackle teacher supply issues but our $1.8 billion package to deliver a modern education system will also enable the delivery of other major initiatives to drive teaching excellence. 

“The manifesto includes policies to address many other challenges facing the education sector and we expect to start work implementing them the day after we’re elected. 

“Labour’s fresh approach to education is all about increasing quality, treating staff and students with respect and providing learning institutions with the best tools required to enable future generations of Kiwi kids to thrive and reach their potential,” says Chris Hipkins.

Find the Education Manifesto here