New Zealand Labour Party

Labour to invest in public transport for Greater Christchurch

Labour will commit $100m in capital investment for public transport in Greater Christchurch, including commuter rail from Rolleston to the CBD, says Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little.

“As the rebuild progresses, there are huge opportunities for Greater Christchurch, but congestion and lack of good public transport is holding the city back.

“After nine years, National has failed to back public transport for Greater Christchurch. Labour will take a fresh approach by investing in projects to get the city moving. This will include restoring commuter rail, starting with the Rolleston to CBD line.

“This will be a permanent service. We will work with the local councils to determine best placement of stations and other infrastructure. The final cost and the level of any cost-sharing will be agreed with councils.

“Rolleston’s population has more than tripled in the last decade, and is projected to continue to grow rapidly. It makes sense to restart commuter rail with this line. The network will be expanded over time as suitable.

“Along with commuter rail, the $100m investment will be available to support infrastructure for buses and bus feeder services as determined through consultation with local councils. These investments will ease congestion and open up opportunities for residential and commercial development.

“A 21st century city simply has to have integrated, multi-modal public transport at its heart. National squandered opportunities to achieve this; Labour will provide leadership.

“National’s approach of ignoring public transport has resulted in gridlock and lost productivity. Labour’s fresh approach will unlock the railways for commuters, and help Greater Christchurch thrive,” says Andrew Little.