New Zealand Labour Party

Labour to keep fighting to axe zero hour contracts

Labour will continue its fight to outlaw zero hour contracts after the Government broke its promise to scrap them, Labour’s Workplace Relations spokesperson Iain Lees-Galloway says.

“The Employment Standards Legislation Bill has been reported back from Select Committee without the changes needed for Labour to support it.

“Instead of scrapping zero hour contracts, this bad law will see more people stuck in insecure work arrangements which will leave them not knowing from week to week whether they will earn enough to feed their families or pay the rent.

“Frankly I’m bewildered that National MPs didn’t move to axe these exploitative agreements after employers – including Business NZ -- told the select committee they don’t use zero hour contracts and they don’t need them.

“Who is National standing up for? It isn’t hardworking New Zealanders, or their families, or good employers who shouldn’t be undermined by cowboys using shoddy employment practices.

“There is still time to do the right thing by Kiwi workers. Labour will propose amendments to get rid of zero hour contracts and provide security of hours.

“Labour won’t leave workers hanging by the phone waiting to be called up for work.

“With the support of the Maori Party and United Future, we can fix this broken law and make sure all Kiwis get a fair go,” Iain Lees-Galloway says.