New Zealand Labour Party

Labour to work with Queenstown to build more houses

Labour will work with Queenstown-Lakes District Council, iwi, and the Community Housing Trust to build the modern, affordable housing Queenstown desperately needs, says Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little.

“Housing in Queenstown is at crisis point and we all need to work together to tackle the problem. In Government, Labour will use its Affordable Housing Authority and KiwiBuild programme to cut through red tape and get houses built quickly.

“We want to get new affordable rental housing built in the town for the key workers who are so vital to Queenstown’s economy. We will work as quickly as possible to get housing built on the site of Wakatipu High School, once it moves to its new campus. Getting those houses built will be our first priority in Queenstown.

“The Affordable Housing Authority will work with the Council, iwi, employers and the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust, to develop similar projects around Queenstown. Queenstown’s vital seasonal workforce also needs accommodation in the town. Instead of leaving these workers to sleep three to a room in substandard conditions, Labour will work with the Council and employers to deliver decent accommodation similar to a student hall of residence.

“Labour is planning to build 1,000 affordable KiwiBuild houses in Queenstown over the next decade. These will be good, modern starter homes, sold at cost to first home buyers. Three-bedroom homes in terraced housing will cost $500,000 with smaller houses costing less. That will put homeownership back in the reach of young couples and vital workers like police and teachers who are being priced out of Queenstown.

“After nine years, National has left Queenstown with an acute housing crisis. Labour’s fresh approach is to pull out all the stops to build the good, affordable homes and rentals needed to support Queenstown’s growth,” says Andrew Little.