New Zealand Labour Party

Labour welcomes equal pay

Labour has long appreciated the value of women’s work and welcomes the Government’s decision to address pay equity for women, say’s Labour’s associate Workplace Relations and Safety spokesperson Sue Moroney.

“This is a huge step forward for New Zealand. This is a wonderful sign for the generations of men and women who have fought long and hard for equal rights and a level playing field for all workers.

“Labour congratulates the unions for forcing the National Government to address better incomes for women workers and their families.

“Labour also congratulates E Tu member Kristine Bartlett whose rest home employment dispute prompted the court case that forced the Government to take action.

“I often refer to Kristine Bartlett has the Kiwi Erin Brockovich because she stood up against powerful interests and now she has won.

“The Joint Working Party recommendations strike a remarkable resemblance to the 1990 Pay Equity Act passed by former Labour government then immediately scrapped by National.

“It’s disappointing that women and their families have had to wait 26 years for National to make amends,” says Sue Moroney.