New Zealand Labour Party

Landlords not cashing in on insulation schemes

The fact so few landlords have taken up the generous taxpayer subsidy for retrofitting shows it is time to legislate minimum standards, says Labour’s Associate Housing spokesperson Poto Williams.

“Many landlords aren’t using Government insulation schemes because they don’t want to overcapitalise on cheap houses. EECA statistics show that fewer than 14 per cent of properties using insulation subsidies are rental properties yet over half of all uninsulated properties are rentals.

“Every child in New Zealand deserves to grow up in a warm, dry home. It’s disgraceful that in the 21st Century. Our kids are still suffering from serious health problems like rheumatic fever which can be caused by damp, cold homes.

“Research shows that for every dollar invested in retrofitting insulation and heating you save $5 in public health spending.

"Labour will ensure that all rental properties are brought up to standard and landlords will have to install insulation and an efficient heating source,” says Poto Williams.