New Zealand Labour Party

Laughing all the way to the polling booth


Step aside Temuera Morrison and Sam Neill – there’s a new Kiwi star of the screen and he’s urging “young voters and male men” to get out and vote

Nohorua Parata, son of Ikaroa-Rawhiti candidate Meka Whaitiri, has just released his latest campaign video on YouTube.

Nohorua and brother Wi Rangi have won a following for themselves with their witty videos for their mum’s candidacy bid and the campaign video for her successful by-election campaign last year.

Just Nohorua – who turned 18 this week - features in the video which provides a lot of laughs with a serious message – urging young voters to get out and vote and older male voters to set an example for the young by voting. Nohorua also urges people to take advantage of the opportunity to vote early.

See Nohorua’s video at: Click here