New Zealand Labour Party

Lawsuit an indictment of Govt’s EQC failings

The class action lawsuit filed against EQC filed today is an indictment of the Government’s failure to provide clear answers about its obligations to homeowners, says Labour’s Canterbury spokesperson Megan Woods.

“It is ridiculous that Cantabrians have had to take their government to court to get clarity on what they are entitled to.

“But today ordinary people have been forced to put the government in the dock to clarify what level of repairs EQC is obliged to do under the law.

“This is a big failure on the government’s part and it should never have come to this.

“Cantabrians have had to wait years to get their EQC repairs done, and now they will be horrified to find that there is legal uncertainty about the standard of repairs EQC is required to do.

“The government had years to fix that uncertainty but failed to do so.

“The sight of the Government spending money on lawyers to fight Cantabrians instead of spending that money fixing homes will only add insult to injury,” says Megan Woods.