Legal victory a boost for all working women

Today’s legal victory for equal pay is a much-needed boost for working women at a time when the Government is pushing through reforms which will make it harder for them to get pay rises, Labour’s Women’s Affairs spokesperson Sue Moroney says.

“Congratulations to Kristine Bartlett and the Service and Food Workers Union for securing this important victory. Their foresight and courage will make a huge difference to working women and their families.

“Unfortunately National’s changes to employment law will reduce workers’ rights and weaken collective bargaining power. This will drive down wages and force more workers to go to court to get a fair go.

“Today’s Court of Appeal decision confirms Labour’s 1990 stance that people working in female-dominated occupations should receive equal pay with those working in similar male-dominated occupations.

“Labour attempted to clarify this with the Pay Equity Act which was scrapped by the incoming National Government before it had a chance to be implemented.

“This court decision has wide-reaching ramifications and will make New Zealand a world leader in closing the gender pay gap,” Sue Moroney says.