New Zealand Labour Party

Lemauga Lydia Sosene

Candidate for Labour

“O le ala i le pule o le tautua – the road to leadership is through service. This Samoan proverb captures my life's journey and a journey demonstrated by my parents who not only understood service but demonstrated it.”

Lemauga Lydia Sosene
Lemauga Lydia Sosene

Meet Lemauga Lydia

Lemauga Lydia Sosene lives in Favona Māngere Auckland. She is the chairperson for the Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board and has been with Auckland Council since amalgamation in 2010.

Passionate and active in the South Auckland community, Lemauga Lydia Sosene regularly helps families with matters and issues. She helps local non-profit organisations with training in leadership and governance skills, especially for young leaders. She advocates for young people to become local change-makers and entrepreneurship.

As well as working full time, Lemauga Lydia Sosene recently completed a post graduate diploma in Business Administration from the University of Auckland.

In her spare time, she’s involved with extended family activities.

Lemauga Lydia Sosene's is a keen contributor to policy development. Her policy priorities in South Auckland are:

  • a living wage for working families
  • affordable warm dry homes
  • well funded public health system
  • public funded education system
  • local strong economy
  • reduced liquor licences in local communities
  • local initiatives to combat climate change

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