New Zealand Labour Party

Let’s do this – Labour’s election campaign launched

The Government I lead will be a government that listens, then acts. A Government that leads, not follows, says Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern at the launch of the Labour Party’s 2017 election campaign at a packed Auckland Town Hall.

“I will never stop believing that politics is a place where we can do good.

“That we can build a confident and caring nation if we include each and every person, in each and every town and region. That is New Zealand at its best. 

“It’s been three weeks now since I was asked to take this job and lead our campaign. In those three weeks, I’ve never once felt alone. Whether it’s been on social media, on the streets, or by your show of support here today, I feel humbled and heartened.

 “So, the question for all of us – for you and for me - is this: now what? 

“Now we re-double our efforts. 

“Now we focus not just on the challenges, but the opportunities that will bring lasting change. 

“Now we be bold, and now we be brave. 

“This is our moment, and it starts with you. 

“This is a time for talking with your families and friends. This is a time for knocking on doors and working the phones. This is a time for sharing our vision of tomorrow with everyone you meet. 

“Let’s go from here today and run the campaign of our lives.