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I believe every child should have the best possible start in life and that the Government has an active role to play in protecting the environment and ensuring everyone can access the services they need.

Over the past two terms, it has been a privilege to serve as a Labour List MP based in Invercargill.

Before entering Parliament, I spent nearly a decade monitoring the health of New Zealand’s children and young people, charting the effects of child poverty, substandard housing, lack of access to healthcare, and their impacts on families.

So, it’s been amazing to see the difference Government initiatives like the Winter Energy Payment, Healthy Homes Standards and low-cost doctors’ visits for Community Service Card holders have made in people’s lives.

It’s also fantastic to see Invercargill moving ahead, with Government support for projects like the Invercargill CBD Redevelopment and the Stead Street Stopbank Upgrade, as well as Apprenticeship Boost, which has supported many local businesses to take on apprentices.

However, there’s still more to do, and that’s why I’m standing as Labour’s Candidate for Invercargill in 2023.

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