New Zealand Labour Party

Lost luggage law shows National’s lost the plot

The Government has proven it can’t address the big issues facing the tourism industry by allowing a Members Bill on lost luggage to be a priority, Labour’s Tourism spokesman Kris Faafoi said.

“Nuk Korako’s Bill drawn from the Members’ Ballot is a joke. It makes a mockery of John Key’s claim that, ‘We’re a Government that’s focussed on the issues that matter.

“The law change should have been put in a Statutes Amendment Bill which is the way Parliament deals with a host of small technical changes to laws.

“A Statutes Amendment Bill has just gone through the Select Committee stage and Labour will support the proposed change in this waste-of-time Bill to be added when that legislation reaches committee stage. I will write to the Justice Minister to give Labour’s support for this course of action.

“If National doesn’t take up this offer it is proof that they are abusing the Members’ Ballot to prevent other issues from being debated.

“No one in the tourism industry has raised the advertising of lost luggage auctions as a priority.

“The tourism industry would love to have a number of issues that are important to it debated in Parliament. But lost luggage shows the Government has lost the plot.

“The ball is now in the Government’s court. Either it is serious about this change and will let it go through under the Statutes Amendment process. Or it will do nothing and waste Parliament’s time,” says Kris Faafoi.