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I'm ready to bring energy and positive leadership to the Selwyn campaign in 2023 to ensure we return Chris Hipkins and Labour to Government.

Luke Jones is ready to bring energy and positive leadership to the Selwyn campaign in 2023!

He grew up in Christchurch, has been extremely connected to the Waitaha region, and lived in Rolleston after High School. He is a member of the earthquake generation who grew up around constant aftershocks and uncertainty. Because of these experiences, he understands the importance of a strong community, and a government that takes action to support and empower all our people – not just the wealthy few.

Luke has studied Political Science and Communications at the University of Canterbury, worked in hospitality for several years and is the owner of a progressive consulting company called CPG Consultancy. Alongside this, he has contributed extensively to community volunteering and grassroots advocacy projects, helping to achieve important progress locally, nationally, and internationally.

Labour has made a difference in Selwyn and is investing where it’s needed most. With over $25.3 million committed to education projects in Rolleston and West Melton, Labour is investing in our tamariki; our future. A further $125 million in transport infrastructure funding will help connect our region. These examples, and many more, show why we need a Labour government.

Selwyn is one of the fastest-growing regions in the country and needs a positive, future-focused person in Parliament. That person is Luke. He is focused on supporting communities through these tough times by investing in our people, and building positively into the future.

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