New Zealand Labour Party

Māori will miss out on RMA overhaul

Māori will miss out if National’s highly unpopular Resource Management Act overhaul is supported by the Māori Party, says Labour’s Local Government spokesperson Meka Whaitiri.

“It’s time for the Māori party co-leaders to cut out the hand-wringing, stop supporting National and start supporting Māori.

“Flip-flopping Flavell’s comments on Radio New Zealand this morning were a politician’s weasel words at their worst. They claim to represent whenua, whakapapa and whanau. They don’t.

“Farmers, growers and exporters who are mostly Māori are highly affected and justifiably worried about the bill – in particular the section 360D powers conferred upon Nick Smith.

“Land owners deserve to know exactly where the Māori Party stand on this matter.

“Is the removal of section 360D a bottom-line for the Māori Party?

“If so, make it clear and show true Māori leadership and integrity. Stop taking further cues from the PM who is weak, has no vision and is clearly out of touch with New Zealanders.

“If not, stop the sham negotiations and end the dirty deal as National’s loyal lapdogs and cheer-leaders,” says Meka Whaitiri.