New Zealand Labour Party

Make the right call, mate!

Prime Minister John Key should be questioning whether Australia is qualified to be on the United Nations Human Rights Council, says Labour’s Corrections spokesperson Kelvin Davis.


“He needs to make the right call. 


“Australia’s Human Rights record is up for review as part of a routine Universal Periodic Review on November 9.  The UPR is peer reviewed by all UN member nations so New Zealand has the opportunity to call out Australia for failing New Zealanders and breaching basic human rights.


“After seeing the anger, hunger and desperation of the New Zealand-born Australians locked up on Christmas Island I am urging John Key to question Australia’s warrant of fitness for an international human rights role.

“There are hundreds of New Zealand-born Australians affected by Australia’s new law – a law which was designed to deal with terrorists.


“In the past, New Zealand supported Australia ‘as a high priority’ to sign the UN Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture (OPCAT) which would have meant greater protection for New Zealanders currently in detention centres throughout Australia.


“Turns out Australia didn’t sign up to the torture protocols and John Key should ask his mate Malcolm Turnbull, where they stand on human rights.


“New Zealand has a world class human rights record and we can’t sit by while our people are being detained inhumanely. So, how in these circumstances can New Zealand support Australia’s bid for the United Nations Human Rights Council?” says Kelvin Davis.