New Zealand Labour Party

Maori Party gets it wrong again on RMA

The Māori Party is missing the big picture on National’s Resource Management Act reforms by supporting a fundamentally flawed Bill, says Labour’s Local Government spokesperson Meka Whaitiri.

“The Māori Party’s two votes will usher in legislation that undermines local democracy, limits the public participation in local planning and does nothing to get Māori into much needed housing.

“Under new rules supported by the Māori Party, public notifications for certain consents will be prevented and appeal rights taken away.

“So-called ‘bespoke’ processes like those set for the Auckland Unitary Plan could become normal, greatly reducing the right of public participation, as only well-resourced stakeholders will be able to keep up.

“After months of sustained pressure from opposition parties and a high-profile campaign run out of Hawke’s Bay, the Māori Party have proposed amendments which will exclude some Genetically Modified crops from ministerial override powers.

“Unfortunately the term ‘crops’ does not include GM grasses or pasture as exposed by Nick Smith at Parliament last night.

“When challenged Marama Fox threw lobby group Pure Hawke’s Bay under the bus as the authors of her Supplementary Order Paper.

“That was quite an outrageous abdication of her responsibility and shows they’re missing the big picture by propping up National and voting for this Bill,” says Meka Whaitiri.