David Cunliffe congratulates Poto Williams

David Cunliffe has congratulated Labour’s newest MP Poto Williams on her victory in the Christchurch East by-election.

“I am proud to congratulate Poto Williams on her victory in Christchurch East. She has been an excellent candidate and will make a fantastic MP. On behalf of my caucus colleagues I look forward to working her as we prepare for government in 2014,” says David Cunliffe.

“Our grassroots campaign in Christchurch East was run and won on the issues facing the city. On housing, insurance and standing up for people in the rebuild, voters heard and embraced Labour’s vision.

“We will continue to campaign on these issues for all of Christchurch all the way through to the next election,” David Cunliffe says.

“I want to thank the people of Christchurch East for electing me as their MP,” says Poto Williams. “I am truly humbled. I will do all I can to advocate for the people of my electorate and the issues they face as long as I remain their MP.”

Moira Coatsworth says, "We started this by-election as clear underdogs and built an extraordinary winning team.  Poto, as candidate, inspired us.  Jim Anderton, as Campaign Manager, drove us to knock one more door, make one more phone call and organise one more street corner meeting.

“Our campaign excited local people, and gave them confidence that Poto would be a voice for the East in the city and in Parliament, just as Lianne Dalziel was. My warm congratulations go to all concerned".