A lifetime of opportunities for our children

Labour Leader David Shearer has today set out his vision for a world-class education for all our children, giving them equal access to a lifetime of opportunities and success.  

“The world’s best education will be available at your local school, that’s what Labour is committed to,” David Shearer told parents in a speech delivered this afternoon.

“Children have the right to the best education, from their first day at school to their first day in the job. Each child should be able reach their full potential, no matter who they are or where they are from. It’s the foundation for a fairer, happier and more prosperous New Zealand.”

David Shearer also announced some steps Labour will take to deliver a better education, including:

·         Working with community agencies to put food in schools so that children are no longer failing to learn because of hardship at home.

·         Extending reading recovery to all NZ schools because we can’t afford to have our kids dropping out without basic skills.

·         Introducing clear and easy to understand school report cards so that parents know whether their child’s school is up to scratch.

·         Developing new ideas to bridge the gap between the classroom and workforce so young people go into further training or work instead of ending up on the unemployment scrapheap.

“Education is a priority for Labour. We make no apologies for committing funding to it. We see education as an investment in our future, not a cost.  

“National’s record is abysmal.  National is taking our children nowhere. It wants to cram more kids into classrooms, create league tables with information even John Key calls ‘ropey’ and set up charter schools with unregistered teachers.  

From day one, National has gone to war with the education sector and parents. Labour will work with parents and teachers so our children succeed, not a battleground where they are caught in the crossfire.

“The National Government’s focus should be on making our local schools the best they can, not on a gimmicks and slogans.

“Labour believes that all Kiwi kids deserve the same opportunity – the best education from their first day at school to their first day in the job. That’s what we will deliver.”