Transmission Gully PPP a reckless spend

The cost of building Transmission Gully through a so-called Public Private Partnership (PPP) is nothing short of reckless, says Labour MP for Rongotai Annette King.

The CEO of the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) admitted today that the price tag on Transmission Gully would be around $1 Billion. But building it under a PPP, as planned, will triple the cost to the taxpayer - to $3.4 billion.

“Not only will taxpayers foot the bill for Transmission Gully but Wellingtonians have been told, in no uncertain terms, that there is no cash in the kitty for other projects.

“It's not good enough. The Wellington region has had enough of being told - too bad there's no money for you - but plenty to pay to a private sector partner.

“The rest of Wellington’s transport has been wholly neglected. We have a half-baked plan for a flyover, a ten year wait for a second tunnel and increasing costs for public transport.

“Wellingtonians shouldn’t have to accept that just because the Government has blown its budget on mega motorway projects,” Annette King said.