Millions in extra costs for ChCh as Govt walks away

The Government’s decision to slash spending on repairing Canterbury’s infrastructure has saddled Cantabrians with an extra $75 million in costs, says Labour’s acting Canterbury spokesperson Ruth Dyson.

“This is just another example of the chaos that has come to characterise the government’s approach to the rebuild.

“First the Government told us they would put in the money needed to repair Canterbury’s roads. Then they told us they were cutting back their spending on that commitment and today we see the results - $75 million more in repair costs loaded on to a council which is already facing difficult financial circumstances.

“With five years since the earthquake and so much of the road repair job still to be done, this is the worst time for this news.

“It will only add more delay, frustration and uncertainty for Cantabrians who are asking themselves why we haven’t seen more progress,” says Ruth Dyson

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