New Zealand Labour Party

Minister admits 30% more work required with no extra resources

Police Minister Judith Collins has committed Police to a 30% workload increase without providing extra resources, says Labour’s Police spokesman Stuart Nash.

“The Minister admitted in Question Time today that police currently investigate only 70% of all dwelling burglaries. Police are now required to investigate 100% of all burglaries so where is the extra support coming from?

“Ideally, Police should already be investigating all burglaries and the policy requiring this meets the expectation of all New Zealanders, but the problem is that there are no extra police officers to actually undertake this work.

“The interesting thing is that the Minister signed off on this policy when the latest Police culture survey revealed that almost 60% of Police officers have concerns about not meeting the promises they make to the public, and over 55% believe there is too much stress in their jobs.

“The top two recommendations to come out of the Police culture survey is the Police must ‘rebuild confidence in New Zealand Police’s ability to deliver’ and they must ‘build a culture of inclusion’.

“This policy will just exasperate the problem by forcing more work on an already stretched front line; especially when the Police Four Year Plan 2016 – 2020, signed off by the Minister in May of this year, shows no more Police officers until at least 2020.

“The Minister can’t keep forcing more work on Police without significantly increasing police officer numbers,” Stuart Nash says.