Minister asleep at Agribusiness wheel since January

Steven Joyce has admitted in Parliament he knew about the problems around Agribusiness Training Limited back in January, says Labour’s Tertiary Education spokesperson David Cunliffe. 

“The crisis around the training provider was broken in the media late on a Friday afternoon after parliament had risen several weeks ago. However the Tertiary Education Commission made a comprehensive report to the Government on May 19.

“This operation went into liquidation owing $6 million to the Government. They were overcharging by inflating student numbers, the duration of courses and completion rates. 

“The Minister cannot give students any assurance regarding alternative courses. They have been left in the lurch and risk losing credits. 

“With rorts apparent throughout the system, Steven Joyce has also declined the Tertiary Education Commission’s recommendation to do a further six reviews. 

“It looks as if the Minister doesn’t want to hear any more bad news. 

“It’s clear there is something very wrong with the way our tertiary institutions are run. They have been able to rob the taxpayer blind for years until they’ve been caught.” Says David  Cunliffe.