New Zealand Labour Party

Minister gets crafty with crime statistics

Police Minister Judith Collins continues to get it wrong. She’s been caught under-reporting the burglary statistics as provided by Statistics New Zealand, Labour’s Police Spokesman Stuart Nash says.

“There were 8,616 more burglaries last year compared to the previous one, and no matter how you do the figures, this is a 14% increase and not the 11.9% the Minister mentioned.

“What she also tries to hide is that burglaries have increased by a staggering 29% over the past two years. This is crime out of control.

“The real question is ‘how are the same number of police going to meet the Minister’s commitment to investigate every single burglary when the crime rate is going sky-high but police officer numbers remain static?

“Over 55% of police staff already say they have unacceptable levels of stress in their jobs, and only 42% believe they can deliver on the promises they make to the public. With this extra commitment and no extra resources to back them up, they’re only going to feel more and more stretched.

“Minister Collins must stop being crafty with the numbers and false assurances as crime continues to rise. She should also tell us when these ‘promised’ police officers are going to hit the streets.

“It is now four months since she signed off the Police four year strategic plan that forecast no new police until at least 2020. It is two months since she admitted she got this wrong and two months of inaction which is typical of this National Government and the Minister,” Stuart Nash says.