New Zealand Labour Party

Minister should put his mouth where his money isn’t

The Health Minister should prove his claims that meals served by all district health boards meet standards – and stay for an early dinner at Dunedin Hospital when he visits this afternoon, Labour’s Health spokesperson Annette King says.

“I challenge Jonathan Coleman to try one of the meals that are being offered to patients when he visits Dunedin’s oncology department. Let him eat slops.

“Patients have been outraged by the appalling quality and lack of nutrition in the meals provided at the hospital. They have taken to Facebook in droves to voice their concerns and post photos of the food which has been described as ‘frozen gloop’.

“To save money, Dunedin and some other hospitals are sourcing meals from Compass which transports food from Auckland and Tauranga. There is no reason better hospital food can’t be made locally.

“However, these DHBs are using Compass because they have to save money wherever they can after the Government cut $1.7 billion from the health budget.

“Jonathan Coleman shouldn’t be cutting corners on food for sick people. Does he want to make them sicker?

“The Minister should prove he can stomach the substandard food given to patients. Come on Jonathan, put your mouth where your money isn’t,” Annette King says.