New Zealand Labour Party

Minister, your expensive slip is showing

A Minister's comments at a press conference in Dunedin today show just how easily costs can blow out at the Southern DHB, Labour's Acting Health spokesman David Clark says.

"Fresh from criticising everyone from members of the Board that his Government appointed to governments of decades past, Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has let slip that the rebuild cost for Dunedin Hospital has grown by a half overnight.

"Where previously he has been using a $200 million figure, Dr Coleman is now talking of a $300 million rebuild.

"I'm not sure if this is irony or hypocrisy. Here he is criticising others for their strenuous efforts to balance the budget in his cash-starved health system while his own cost estimates shift by $100 million overnight.

"The situation is an omnishambles. Seven years into this Government's term, the people of the South deserve better.

“Dr Coleman must commit to turning sods on a full rebuild of Dunedin hospital before this term of Government is out.”