New Zealand Labour Party

MIT cuts deeply concerning

The proposed cuts to the Foundation Studies courses delivered by Manukau Institute of Technology are deeply concerning, says Su’a William Sio, MP for Mangere. 

“Cuts to these Foundation study courses will inevitably mean job cuts to teachers and their families during the Christmas season. That will be devastating for many and will ripple through our community.

“It will also mean that the opportunity for second chance learning through the courses will be cut off and will prevent many in our community from restarting their careers. 

“Foundation studies have helped many Mums and Dads who didn’t finish high school to re-start their education and I have seen the successes they’ve achieved with many pursuing degrees, and others going into jobs they wouldn’t have been able to get without the educational support these courses offered. 

“MIT has a moral obligation to explain its proposed cuts to the local community as well as to explain what is going on. This is about the third set of reviews with jobs and courses being cut.    

“That just breeds contempt and animosity within the community for an institution that we all love and have supported in the past,” says Su’a William Sio.