New Zealand Labour Party

MoBIE largesse doesn’t stop with TVs and hair-straighteners

The number of MoBIE staff earning more than $150,000 has risen 23 per cent in just a year, Labour’s Economic Development Spokesperson David Clark says.

Documents obtained from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment show there are now nearly 200 people in this one Ministry alone being paid more than $150,000 and a whopping 107 individuals earning over $170,000.

“That’s an eye-watering 23 percent increase on the number earning over $150,000 on last year’s total.

“The number of executives earning $170,000 plus at the Ministry increased increase 15 per cent over the same period.

“Given one of the Ministry’s principal goals is realising efficiency gains over time, it seems incomprehensible that more, not fewer, people seem to be needed at the top.

“Adding to that excess there were no staff bonus payments of over $12,000 in 2013/14. This year there are seven, with two payments of more than $17,000.

“Steven Joyce needs to explain why people who were doing their jobs deserved a $17,000 tax-payer bonus.

“Steven Joyce is the man responsible for a $67,000 stone sign, a $140,000 information screen, and the installation of hair straighteners. He has refused to answer questions about a $260,000 sun deck and a $24,000 fridge.

“He approves the budgets for the Ministry and needs to front up to the public about these decisions. Most New Zealanders can see Steven Joyce has taken his eye off the ball and things have got out of whack. 

“This comes after the Government capped the core public sector, slashed public services and told those on lower salaries not to expect similar pay rises.

“The Government’s favourite approach to growing the salaries of New Zealanders seems to be to do it one Government executive at a time,” David Clark says.

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