New Zealand Labour Party

Morale at beleaguered EQC hits rock bottom

Morale at EQC has hit rock bottom, with just 1 in 4 staffers believing the crown owned entity delivers on the promises it makes, says Labour’s Canterbury Spokesperson Megan Woods.

“Gerry Brownlee keeps pretending all is well at EQC, but according to its own staff engagement survey, morale is tanking as the organisation continues to lurch from failure to failure.

“Across the board, EQC’s staff morale is far lower than the Government’s targets.

“According to the survey, just 26 per cent of staff believe the organisation follows through on promises it makes to its customers.

“Just 35 per cent think communication at EQC is honest and open, and only 38 per cent believe it has any idea where it’s going.

“Only 40 per cent of staff have confidence in its leadership.

“For months, Cantabrians have been calling for a full enquiry into EQC. After five years of failure, it’s time for Gerry Brownlee to take his head out of the sand, admit how bad things have got there, and start taking action,” says Megan Woods.