New Zealand Labour Party

More contenders for fight clubs

Allegations of fight clubs spreading to other Serco-run prisons must be properly investigated says Labour’s Corrections spokesperson Kelvin Davis.

“Inmates at other Serco-run prisons are engaging in what the prisoners call ‘contender’ fights – organised scraps - from Killer Beez, Black Power, Mongrel Mob gang members according to my sources.

“Several sources have revealed the organised gang fights are still ongoing and the damaging impact on prisoners have raised concerns for staff at Serco-run prisons and non-Serco run prisons as no-one seems to know what to do about it. Early investigations have failed to get to the truth.

“I informed the head of Corrections who replied almost immediately that the matter had been investigated and the fights weren’t happening.

“The Chief Inspectors’ report confirmed the widespread extent of fight clubs and proves there are serious security and staffing issues under Serco. And the fact they tried to cover-up certain parts of the report suggests people in high places are being protected.

"The report reveals cover-up attempts as discrete staff incident reports, correspondence and minutes from meetings about Fight clubs were simply swept under the carpet. Even as management was falling apart they tried to pretend it was just a media beat-up.

“Judith Collins must take more responsibility as she was once a big Serco fan calling them the ‘solution’ to Corrections.

“She needs to be more than just disappointed at her own judgement for selecting the wrong people who turned a blind eye or played games while inmates violently assaulted each other.

“Serco is a failed government experiment and perhaps it’s time for yet another National minister to step into the ring to take care of the next round of Corrections fight club, says Kelvin Davis.