New Zealand Labour Party

More cops needed to tackle P

New Police statistics obtained in Written Questions show John Key is losing his War on P, highlighting the need for more Police, says Opposition Leader Andrew Little. 

“New Zealanders expect serious action on P but today’s hodgepodge of half-measures won’t reverse National’s record of failure. We simply need more Police.

“Police data shows methamphetamine possession proceedings are up 22 per cent in the year to June 2016. One of the government’s measure of success in the War on P is ‘Demand reduction reduces convictions for possession/use’. 

“This is another failed benchmark in the war on P. Goals were set for prices to fall, purity to decrease, availability to worsen, and drug use offences to reduce. Instead, the latest Tackling Methamphetamine: Progress Report shows P is cheaper, more pure, and easier to get, while the new Police figures show more people are going to court for methamphetamine possession. 

“Mr Key talks big but he has failed to back Police to do the job. The number of Police assigned to drug enforcement has been cut for three years running. 

“Labour will fund 1,000 more Police in our first term. Tackling the scourge of P will be one of the priorities for the additional Police under Labour,” says Andrew Little.