New Zealand Labour Party

More voices call for review of immigration policy

The Auckland Chamber of Commerce is the latest credible voice to call for a review of immigration and skills policy, leaving John Key increasingly isolated, says Opposition Leader Andrew Little.

“The Prime Minister is rapidly becoming a man alone. He refuses to admit there are problems in migration settings, despite record population growth and work permits issued for occupations where thousands of Kiwis are looking for a job.

“Meanwhile a weight of heavy hitters lines up calling for a new look at immigration, from ANZ chief executive David Hisco, Reserve bank deputy governor Grant Spencer, Treasury and yesterday Michael Barnett from the Auckland Chamber of Commerce.

“Record population growth is a factor in skyrocketing house prices, is putting a serious strain on our infrastructure, and appears to be failing to provide the skills needed, where they’re needed.

“Immigration has enriched our country financially and culturally. But, as Michael Barnett and others have said, it’s time to make it work better,” says Andrew Little.