MPs appeal to league fans to ‘cool it’

Labour MPs Aupito William Sio and Jenny Salesa have appealed for calm after a running brawl in Otahuhu between rival groups of Samoan and Tongan rugby league fans. 

“Rugby league is a game we enjoy.  However, we can celebrate in a way where we are still respectful of each other, where we ensure everyone is safe and where we are still acting within the laws of Aotearoa, New Zealand.


“I urge our Pacific community to come together in peace and unity, and to celebrate the pedigree of sporting talent that our two Pacific nations possess, and will showcase in this clash on Saturday, says Hon Jenny Salesa. 

“We should be celebrating our league prowess not throwing punches, says Hon Aupito William Sio. 

“If the hooligans responsible for this violent behaviour can't control their stupidity I don't want to see them at the game this Saturday. 

“I will be attending the game and expect everyone to be there supporting our favourite teams in the spirit that we are one people of the Pacific irrespective of whether we are fans of the Tongan or Samoan teams.”