New Zealand Labour Party

National borrows Labour’s idea on urban development

Labour's Associate Environment spokesperson Phil Twyford says he welcomes the Government's adoption of Labour's policy for a National Policy Statement on urban development, and has called on the Government to take up Labour's offer to work together on these issues.

"National has been blaming the RMA for the housing crisis for nine years now. Although we only have vague intentions from Nick Smith's speech today, if he does produce a National Policy Statement it will be the first bit of real action on this issue after their years of rhetoric.

"The way councils regulate urban development under the RMA is long overdue for reform. Labour wants to see smarter use of urban growth boundaries to avoid artificial scarcities of land driving section prices up, freeing up of density and height restrictions to allow more affordable housing in urban centres, as well as reform of the way infrastructure is funded.

"We remain willing to work with the Government on these issues," says Phil Twyford.