New Zealand Labour Party

National by the numbers

What's the real record?

Here are some of the numbers since National came to office in 2008...

  • 63%: How much New Zealand house prices have risen by, on average

  • 102%: The rise of an average Auckland house price (the average house price is now $1,045,207*) *QV

  • $4.13: The average amount a man will earn more than a woman per hour (and National voted down 26 weeks of paid parental leave)

  • 27,000: The increase in the number of Kiwis without jobs

  • $1.7 billion: The cuts National has made to the health system

  • 165%: The percentage of household incomes that household debt has risen to (that's the highest level ever recorded)

  • 1/3: How much less New Zealanders earn than Australians

  • $14.6 billion: How much National has taken out of the NZ Superannuation fund

  • $52 billion: How much debt has increased under National (it's gone from $10 billion to $62 billion)

...and not one cent of debt has been paid.

It's time for us to change the Government. Become part of our movement to do that - let us know you're in here.