New Zealand Labour Party

National fails Kiwis seeking good, skilled jobs

Kiwis are finding it even harder to get good jobs that pay a decent wage showing National can’t make the economic recovery deliver for all New Zealanders, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“This is a jobless recovery. The economy is growing but unemployment is increasing. There are 38,000 more people unemployed than there were when National got into office. That shows there is something seriously wrong with the way National is managing the economy.

“New Zealand has fallen to tenth on the OECD unemployment rankings. That’s not good enough. Labour’s goal is to ensure New Zealand has the lowest unemployment rate in the developed world.

“Kiwis have done it too tough for too long. They want to see the economic recovery shared across the country, by all New Zealanders.

“National doesn’t have the solutions to create the good jobs Kiwis need. John Key and Bill English have run out of ideas.

“Jobs provide more than economic security – they are a source of pride and confidence. Labour gets it.

“Our primary drive is to create good jobs for Kiwis and we know how to do it. By backing small business to innovate, grow and hire more staff we will make sure New Zealanders across the country can get into work.

“Labour has put growing businesses and creating jobs at the head of its agenda. Over the next two years we will develop a programme which puts the small business sector at the centre of a long-term economic plan to create jobs for Kiwis,” Andrew Little says.