New Zealand Labour Party

National must reassure exporters on dumping case

The National Government needs to show our key exporters that they are in control of any anti-dumping case against China before it damages some of our most important industries, Labour’s Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson says.


"It is alarming for the health of our economy that our largest export destination is threatening to impose duties and tariffs on some of our most important exports.

"The Government needs to re-assure New Zealanders that they are on top of the situation. On the surface it appears that they are not in control of the case, and our economy and jobs could suffer as a result.

"There are very real concerns about both the amount and quality of steel imports coming into New Zealand. We have to back our own businesses and workers in this industry.

"But that has to happen as part of a coordinated and planned approach. There is no sign of that from National at the moment, and that presents a significant risk to our well-being as a country," Grant Robertson says.