New Zealand Labour Party

National’s campaign of deception an affront to democracy

Voters this week have a clear choice between Labour’s optimism and honesty, or rewarding National’s campaign of relentless lies, says Labour’s Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson.

“Day after day National has been deliberately spreading lies about Labour, our intentions and what we will do in Government. New Zealanders deserve better than this.

“They’ve so run out of their own ideas that all they have is negativity and deception. National’s latest campaign ad today is yet another example of their desperate attempts to smear Labour.

“I’m calling National out for running a campaign that is an affront to democracy and the principles of honesty, decency and fairness. They need to pull down the attack ads and apologise to New Zealanders.

“National’s campaign has been a succession of lies to the New Zealand public, a campaign of sowing fear around the country. They have deliberately set out to deceive New Zealanders at every turn.

“We’ve seen it in Steven Joyce’s fictitious $11.7 billion hole, in National’s complete fabrication that Labour would raise income tax, and the divide National has raised between urban and rural New Zealanders.

“Labour’s income tax policy is clear: no New Zealander will pay more income tax in the future than what they are paying now. We have also been clear that now is not the time for tax cuts. Now is the time to invest in health, housing and education.

“So I want to set the record straight: Labour will be a Government for the people of New Zealand. We will be a Government of opportunity and hope. And we will be honest.

“Labour will stick to our principles. A fair go for everyone. Shared prosperity. Helping every New Zealander achieve their dreams through equality of opportunity. Labour will be an honest Government,” says Grant Robertson.