New Zealand Labour Party

National’s health report card shows need for new plan

From increased GP fees, to kids getting sick from cold homes, to denial of important surgeries, National’s underfunding of health has hurt Kiwi families, says Leader of the Opposition Jacinda Ardern.


“It’s time to invest in the health of our families. If we want action on health, we need a Labour Government.

“Nine years of drift and underfunding by National has left us with 20 children a year dying from poor housing, with too many young people committing suicide, with lives needlessly shortened by insufficient care.


“Every day, there are new stories of hardworking doctors and nurses who can’t keep up with demand, overflowing hospitals, and New Zealanders missing out on the care they need. We can do better than this.


“Three more years of National would bring the same as the past nine – underfunded health services that are cracking under the strain.


“I fully expect Bill English to dismiss these figures; he will say there is no problem in health. After nine years, what else can he do? But the fact is, he authored every Budget that starved our health service of the resources it needs for a growing and ageing population.


“I believe that properly funding health is more important than tax cuts that deliver the most to the top earners. It is wrong to be prioritising $20 a week for top earners when there are people in need being turned away from our hospitals.


“I challenge Bill English to explain why he hasn’t committed the additional $6.7 billion health needs just to keep up with demand over the next four years. Labour’s Fiscal Plan allocated an extra $8 billion to health so we can keep up with demand and improve the health services Kiwis get. Why hasn’t National committed to funding health properly?


“It’s time for Labour’s positive plan to fund health properly, reduce GP fees by $10 a visit, boost frontline mental health services, and ensure our homes don’t make kids sick.


“If New Zealanders want action to fix our health system, rather than three more years of drift, then they need to give their party vote to Labour. Let’s do this,” says Jacinda Ardern.